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If you're not already familiar with the Shelly's Pageant Express Inc. Business name and our reputation for excellence, please take a moment to review the three main reasons shoppers consistently choose Shelly's Business as their source for [Pageant Competition Shoes] in the United States.

Our Mission Statement

Being the # 1 Brand in Pageant Footwear, Frederico Leone , Tony Bowls & Johnathan Kayne is on stage at every major local, state, and national competition in America.

We specialize in Specifically designed evening gown, talent, interview & swimsuit styles.

Presentation of one's self is so important & Frederico Leone foot wear compliments & completes the delegate's image.

That is one reason so many of our shoes are worn at pageants & social events in

The Miss USA and America Systems.


Shelly's Pageant Express, together with Frederico Leone and now joined by Benjamin Walk Corporation of Touch Up shoes, strive for excellence in being the BEST We CAN BE! For weddings, proms, holiday, homecoming & Pageants. For both men and women.

Purchasing Info
We offer a refund or exchange on all our shoes. Satisfaction guaranteed.  All shoes run true to size and fit very comfortably. Please email Shelly and ask questions that concern your purchase before ordering! Allow five business days for regular Priority shipping. You may add an additional $40 for NEXT DAY shipping by emailing the additional funds to

YOU may pay by phone with credit or debit by calling Shelly @ 504-400-8958

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Shelly Winters B
Austria, Evening Sandal 4 inch heel with Swarvoski Crystals

Charleston 4 Inch Sizes 5 to 11


Juno Pageant Shoe 4 1/5 inches. sizes 5 to 11


Monroe Black 4 inch sizes 5 to 11


Monroe Red 4 Inch, sizes 5 to 11


Monroe Taupe 4 Inch sizes 5 to 11


Genesis Taupe 4 inch swimsuit
Johnathan Kayne Sahara 4 inch Interview
Johnathan Kayne Savannah 3 3/4 inch heel w/ swarovski crystals
Cinderella Child Shoe 2 inch heel
Madison Acrylic 2 3/4 inch heel
Shelly is proud to announce it's newest line of Pageant Footwear! Tony Bowls by Frederico Leone.

Cassie, 5 " heel, sizes 5 to 11, whole sizes only


Cassie By Tony Bowls, 5

Taupe 5"Heel

Mimi by Tony Bowls

Mimi by Tony Bowls 5" heel, sizes 5 to 12, whole & half sizes
Dulce By Tony Bowls
Dulce By Tony Bowls
Dulce...Lt. Gold
Dulce...Lt. Gold
 Katie is a 5" heel, sizes are 6 to 10, whole sizes only $225.00
Katie by Tony Bowls, comes in Nude, silver or black, 5
Ryleigh Leopard by Tony Bowls 5.5" heel, sizes 5 to 11 whole sizes only

Leslie by Tony Bowls

5.5" Heel, sizes are 5 to 11, whole sizes only. $190.00

Lesie by Tony Bowls, 5.5

Dulce by Tony Bowls

5.5" heel comes in sizes 5 to 10 whole sizes only. Comes in Red, Black,Lt. Gold, Silver, Pink & Teal colors! $ 90.00

Dulce by Tony Bowls, 5.5' heel, comes in Red, Black, Lt Gold, Silver, Pink & teal colors. sizes 5 to 11 whole sizes only